Saturday, February 12, 2011

Official New Blog!!!

This is now the final home for Shade Tree Mate. New and improved Blog, and soon to be new and improved site:


Thanks Everyone

Sunday, January 30, 2011

Unofficial Release of New Blog

Hey Guys,

Shade Tree Mate has an upgrade. The site is not ready, but I figured I would at least tell all the new blog is coming. Shade Tree will be having all new updates to the site itself, Twitter feed updates, Facebook, and now a blog that is so legit it is embedded into this awesome site created solely by Sam Johnson with a few illustrations by Mat Held.
I wanna say thank you all for reading this blog, and I hope this is just the start to updates and Mate, and now Guayusa knowledge that will hopefully be spread to others around the net. I love Mate, it is my passion, and I hope you can tell by the reflection of this awesome site created by my friends.

Keep reading Shade Tree Mate, and hopefully you learn a little something about two great herbal “teas.”

Yerba Mate + The Next Big Thing

Two of the most popular plants in the world team up for a future hit:

“The main difference between Canna Cola, beyond potency issues, will be the marketing of the product. Clay Butler, a California entrepreneur out of Santa Cruz, states he wants to promote his sodas “how Snapple or Coca-Cola or Minute Maid would make a marijuana beverage, if they ever chose to do it.”

Very Cool, Shade Tree approval

Runa Makes a Cameo at Golden Globes

Shade Tree’s new favorite tea, Guayusa from promotes at Golden Globes:

Whats Next? Natalie Portman endoresment?
Shade Tree Stamp, check out

Sunday, January 23, 2011

Fusion Tea Room Review - Part 3

Hello all, sorry for the delay of the Fusion Tea Room Samples. I will hit you with a quick one here:

I will be reviewing the Roasted Mate today:
This blend was very smooth. Made me feel a bit funky afterwards, but I felt very caffeinated which is weird with a roasted mate as lots of the mate attributes have been roasted out. This could have been due to lack of eating. This reminded me a lot of the MateFactor's roasted Mate in which a espresso blend of this seemed like it would rock. I would love to make a mate latte with this and some cinnamon on top. Roasted Mate is not really meant to be drank straight anyways if you ask me. Roasted Mate always needs additive, nothing against the mate itself.
Whenever I sample mate’s I always do it straight up no matter what, even if I know it is the wrong way to sample it. I enjoyed this blend for what it is. A good straight shootin Roasted Mate, well done Fusion Tea Room

Yerba Mate + Chocolate Odwalla (experiment)

+ A customer came through my line at Whole Foods the other day with some loose leaf Mate and a Chocolate Protein Odwalla. I of course commented on the Mate not thinking, and she proceeded to tell me her father of 60 years of age drinks Mate plus this Odwalla Chocolate every morning, and has been doing this for years.

I proceeded to question everything about this. How does it taste? How did he think of this? Why did he think of this? Was it an accident? When is my break?

After prying for a few minutes, I had to give it up, as she needed her receipt, and I needed to keep my job. I bought a Chocolate Odwalla immediately after work and tried it the next morning…It Rocked. It tasted sooo good. I probably did a 5:1 Ratio, Mate being the 5, and the Odwalla was very prevalent, but it tasted like what a chocolate Mate blend should taste like.

So to all Mate companies, and Odwalla, check into this because this 60 year old somewhere in the world is a genius.

Tiny Footprint Coffee (Review & Overview)

Tiny Footprint sent me a pound of espresso, and a pound of medium roast. As I received this package, I felt a sense of goodness, and I knew that two trees had been planted in the cloudforest of Ecuador. Not only did this excite me in my carbon footprint, but that I now was in contact with another great company working in Ecuador. Those who do not know, I am now a Brand Ambassador for I heard about Tiny Footprint through an article relating them to the company Guayaki, as we all know I LOVE Guayaki’s Business Model, and when I saw a similar idea with coffee, I latched on.

Anyways, I am rambling and giving no context for this post. Tiny Footprint's espresso is tasty, smells great, and kept me energized throughout my 9 hour shift a Whole Foods. Those who do not know about Tiny Footprint Coffee, must check them out ASAP.

Another thing I love about this company, is that they have a “Manifesto,” not a mission statement, but a Manifesto, read up:

Ask anyone what their shoe size is and they’ll answer without hesitation. Why, it’s 9 ½, they’ll say, staring down at their extended sneaker. Ask someone the size of their carbon footprint, however, and they’re likely to scratch their head. The truth is, the average American’s carbon footprint is a whopping 20 tonnes of CO2 per year. And everything you buy from cotton swabs to waffle irons makes your footprint grow and grow. That’s why we came out with Tiny Footprint Coffee. When you buy a pound of Tiny Footprint, we’ll more than offset the carbon impact of harvesting, roasting, and distribution by planting a small plot of carbon guzzling saplings in the Ecuadorian Mindo Cloudforest.
But this isn’t just regular old carbon offsetting we’re talking about. This is Gourmet Carbon. Which means that in addition to sucking carbon from the atmosphere, we’re also helping to protect dozens of threatened, vulnerable and endemic bird species by restoring critical habitats through reforestation. And what about the coffee, you say? Well, it’s pretty darn tasty in our estimation, made using beans that are shade grown on small family farms in some of the richest coffee soils in the world, in places like Peru, Flores, and Sumatra. So aside from enjoying a rich and delicious cup of coffee, you’ll receive the extra warm-fuzzy feeling of knowing that you’re doing some good in the world, too. And wouldn’t you know it, your carbon footprint just went down a size.

Thanks all for reading, and drink a stout glass of Tiny Footprint Coffee, and feel good about your purchasing power!
Shade Tree endorsed.

Ps: I have no idea how to rate coffee, but both rocked my Yerba Mate pallet!